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  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
  • Related coursework: Computer Org. & Design, Databases, Memory Allocations, Applications Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms, Computational Theory, Operating Systems, Compiler Design, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics

Work Experience:

Sony Online Entertainment. – San Diego, CA (Spring 2013 to Present)

Software Engineer – Learn more at

  • Software engineer for unannounced game; work experience details pending release

9104 Studios, LLC. – Redmond, WA (Spring 2012 to Spring 2013)

Lead iOS and Android Engineer – Learn more at

  • Built an iPhone application for race-data and track management; users could record video data accurately during racing sessions
  • Fully integrated with data-uploading and website platform: users can upload sessions, review them on website, and share with other users
  • Designed feature-equivalent architecture for Android platform; advised for Windows Phone platform. Android release in Spring 2012
  • Developed new Objective-C library for Microsoft’s oData interface standard; asynchronous futures/promise programming methodology

Core S2, Software Solutions – Redmond, WA (Summer 2012)

Independent Software Engineer – Learn more at Portfolio Page

  • Developed a comercial video-game for Unity3D, deployed to PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Prototyped an interactive-music platformer game for Unity3D for a Seattle client. Implemented hardware-accelerated 2D graphics, level-editing, and user interaction / music synchronization
  • Self-published a book with international sales on Computer Graphics and 3D software rasterization in JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas

aXelerate Solutions, Inc. – Redmond, WA (Summer 2008, 2010, 2011)

Junior Program Manager – Learn more at

  • Built an iPad application for King County on-site housing form management suite and tax estimation system
  • Implemented real-time Geographic Information System on-device map rendering with layers and aerial photography

Microsoft Corporation (aXelerate Solutions contractor) – Redmond, WA (Summer 2010)

Automated Testing Platform Engineer – Learn more at

  • Created a multi-device Windows Phone 7 automated testing suite to mimic human input events using a robotic arm
  • Developed a proof-of-concept base platform to automate device-quality testing and simulate multi-device interaction

Networked Robotics and Sensors Laboratory – University Park, PA (Spring 2007 & Summer 2009)

Undergraduate Research Aide in Networking Sensors and Autonomous Swarm Technology

  • Research aid working with tenured professor Dr. Asok Ray of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Department
  • Developed networked-based GUI front-end for robot goal management
  • Implemented language theory multi-dimensional path planning parallelism for mass multi-core computing platform

T-Mobile Corporation – Bellevue, WA (Summer 2007)

Programming Intern

  • Responsible for Enterprise IT Software Development & Serialization IT Software Development
  • Developed a C# web front-end interface for Oracle Database including PL/SQL query scripts

Technical Skills:

  • 7 Years Experience C, C++; 5 Years Experience C#, Java, PHP; Two Years Experience Python, Objective-C, Assembly
  • Windows, Unix, and Unix-like systems programming
  • Embedded programming on iOS 3+ and Atmel AVR Microcontrollers
  • DirectX 9, OpenGL 2.1, Shaders, and QT graphics libraries
  • 5 Years Experience Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, and mySQL; PL/SQL Scripting
  • Player/Stage (Robotics Standard Interface and Simulation) and OpenCV (Image Processing Library from Intel)
  • Microsoft Office Suite, SharePoint, Sourceforge, SVN/CVS and similar project/source management tools


  • 2011 Local Milo-Amazon Competitive Programming Event 2nd place winner
  • 2008 AUVSI International Ground Vehicle Competition 7th place winner
  • 2008 ACM Competitive Programming Regional 3rd place winner
  • 2007 ACM Competitive Programming Regional 1st place winner

Projects: Learn more at

  • Conceptualized, programmed, and released an educational game based on the Microsoft XNA library (2009)
  • Developed a DirectX/OpenGL library for media applications with custom physics, network, and GUI library (2008)
  • Created a real-time dynamic mapping algorithm for use in autonomous vehicle terrain mapping / path planning (2007)

Clubs & Activities:

  • 2009-2010 President of Pennsylvania State University Robotics Club; 2008-2009 Vice President
  • Project leader for 2007 – 2010 Mini-grand Autonomous Outdoor Ground Vehicle Competition; Penn State Robotics
  • Published over 200 articles on robotics, autonomous controls, and software architecture for Penn State Robotics

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