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Verlet Integration: real-time cloth-like simulation

I’ve implemented a simple verlet-integration based 2D cloth simulation in Javascript here. This code is written in standard Javascript and uses the Three.js library for rendering through WebGL / Canvas through any modern browser. This was done as a quick debugging project … Continue reading

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Daily Programmer – Improving your real-world programming skills

Reddit’s r/DailyProgrammer subreddit is a brilliant community-organized group of programmers from around the world that do what many of us enjoy as a hobby & job: program! What’s nice is they do a range of programming challenge difficulties, from the … Continue reading

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Cheesy logo for an awesome desktop app! I’ve loved the Window’s “window snapping” feature since they introduced it in Windows Vista. The feature is completely intuitive and incredibly helpful for programmers, where you constantly have to pull up documents, texts, … Continue reading

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