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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Free and Open Minecraft server for BasicBukkit

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been developing a Minecraft multiplayer plugin. To help testing my code before making it public, I’ve been deploying nightly buildings onto a private server hosted physically right next to my work-desk (no special software, just cron-based … Continue reading

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Mechanical Computers: multiplying through gears?

Today I learned you really can building computers (or at least calculators) our of almost anything! My next project: build a turing-complete lego machine… (I’m sure it’s been done by now!)

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Web Application Exploits and Defenses: Google Gruyere

Recently I’ve started working on CoreCodex again; I had to stop at the end of last semester because of school work load. Now that I’m reviewing what I previously wrote, I started to realize I had some smaller security issues, … Continue reading

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