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Monthly Archives: December 2012

oDataiOS Version 1.0 Released!

oDataiOS is a clean and simple oData library for the iOS platform! Finally, something to replace the existing huge monolithic OData4ObjC. The main driving force for this programming effort was the need for a futures / promise asynchronous programming-model to integrate with my … Continue reading

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Writing a self-published book: the good and bad

Last Month I released a self-published book titled “3D Computer Graphics: Software Revealed“. I’ve worked on it on and off  starting about two years ago, with a full re-write beginning six months ago, and a second edition coming in a few short months! It’s … Continue reading

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Developing a Windows 8 Album App

I’ve recently written a little application for Windows 8’s Metro-App platform: let’s call it Win8 Apps platform for the sake of brevity. Metro isn’t new (Windows Phone came out a few years ago), but it’s now part of Windows 8, thus going … Continue reading

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