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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Self-replicating source code!

What’s a quine? Basically it’s a self-replicating program that, when executed, prints out its own source code using varying methods. Thought it might seem trivial, think about it: how does a compiled program print out its source code? A compiled … Continue reading

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Automating the Z-Type Game

Z-Type is a simple shooter / typing game where the user must type out full words or letters to destroy enemy ships. If any ship gets past the user, you loose the game. Though the game is interesting, it’s not … Continue reading

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Artificially Evolving Intelligence

Artificially Evolving Intelligence The Use of Biological Evolution as a Heuristic Method of Computation The following is from a paper I wrote introducing the reader to genetic algorithms, along with associated ideas in computing such as the difficulty of solving … Continue reading

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