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“3D Computer Graphics: Software Revealed” Source Code Now Available!

I have now created a public GitHub repository for all source code found in my book “3D Computer Graphics: Software Revealed”. Users are welcomed to fork, change, and update for inclusion of future versions of the book. If your changes make it … Continue reading

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Challenge yourself! I cloned a classic game I played years ago on my Ti-83+, turning it into Javascript, in less than 6 hours

I’ve really had fun with this idea: last night I remembered about an old Ti-83+ game called “Phoenix”, which is simple a Galaga clone. Then I realized: why play it, when I can program it! So after lunch I hacked away … Continue reading

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3D Computer Graphics: Software Revealed now published!

Update: Source code now available. After a few months of work, I’ve finally published my first book through Amazon and this blog! “3D Computer Graphics: Software Revealed” (159 pages) is now available for free & purchase! Essentially this book walks you … Continue reading

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