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“3D Computer Graphics: Software Revealed” Source Code Now Available!

I have now created a public GitHub repository for all source code found in my book “3D Computer Graphics: Software Revealed”. Users are welcomed to fork, change, and update for inclusion of future versions of the book. If your changes make it to the main branch, you’ll receive a free digital copy (the formatted PDF version, not the HTML version since that’s already free), and your name included in the contributors list!

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4 Responses to “3D Computer Graphics: Software Revealed” Source Code Now Available!

  1. Prasanna says:

    book source… needs it

  2. Samuel says:

    Hi! Jeremy!

    Until now I follow the book with no problem and just check your site to see some javascript codes….

    My only (big) problem is to study math’s foundation (algebra e trigonometry) to be more effective…

    But I’m here to do a question about your book.
    (I don’t know if here is appropriate to ask… sorry if don’t)

    Will be there some update or errata on the book text available for who bought? (I use paypal)

    It will be nice, reading again without some little errors or with more fundamental theory or more maths…

    thanks for attention.


    • jbridon says:

      Hey Samuel,

      All great questions – looking back, I really should of focused on the maths rather than say nothing about it. I’m working on a second version of the book, which will be free for all of those who have purchased the first book :-)

      Thanks again for the feedback – expect this big update to come out in a few more months, but before summer!

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