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Voxel Entertainment – Educational Game of Health

Voxel Entertainment is the name for a group of students participating in an Independent Studies class under Dr. Robert Macy from Penn State University. This class is an experimental course that represents a joint venture between the College of Information Sciences and Technology, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the School of Visual Arts and the College of Communication. Participants of the class are using their unique abilities and working together to create a tangible product in entertainment technology.

Below are a few videos (sans commentary from me) demonstrating how far we got through the project. Since much of the time was spent on the process of creating a game (i.e. documentation, design, art asset management), we only got as far as a working alpha stage of the game. It was a great experience to teach my co-developer and I C#, the XNA game framework, as well as a few programming concepts new to me at the time (mostly serialization of a file, asset compression, etc).

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