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2D Physics Platformer Game Prototype

Results of a little personal programming project over spring break. First video is a general introduction, the second is a technical explanation, with the last being a specific implementation of how I import texture-model data:

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7 Responses to 2D Physics Platformer Game Prototype

  1. Looks a bit like Soldat. Was that an inspiration in any way?

    • jbridon says:

      Hey Vasiliy, thanks for the comment! Correct, most of my inspiration came from the Soldat game. I really liked soldat and always wanted to understand how he (MM, the author) got biped rag-dolls to work so well in two dimensions. I spent some time researching, found out it was based “verlet integration physics” and started mixing some of it with Box2D code. I’m by no means an artist, so I mimicked (not copied) much of the levels I played on in Soldat into my map. Also, the top-right structure came from inspirations from the Halo game series.

  2. Nieznany7 says:

    For the last few days I’ve been working on a proof-of-concept OpenGL C++ application that loads a Blender model file (object data, lights, entities, etc) and renders it on-screen with some physics simulation included. The physics engine I use is Box2D with some modifications so that it works well with a scene manager I wrote to optimize complex scenes. I can get up to 30 or so bipeds before I start loosing a few FPS, but always remain up in the high 40s

  3. Raphael says:

    Hello jbridon i apreciated alot your videos,
    actualy i’m trying to do a game like that.
    i already know blender and C#, any tips for me?

  4. jbridon says:

    Hi Raphael; that’s a good question but with so much to say! Building such a game requires quite a bit of work between entity-model rigging, animation importing, level importing, biped physics, etc. I would use, since you are using C#, XNA as your base game engine, then work on 1. Importing a level from Blender (look into reading *.obj file formats), 2. Building 2D biped models as physical bodies using Box2D, and finally 3. Import animations for those bipeds so that you can move them around. Good luck!

  5. Andre Oliveira says:

    Hello, Recently I have learned so much about basic CSS, and Web development. I mostly cheat by finding free templates that look close to what i want, then rebuild from there, because i can’t start from scratch.

    I can vaguely read through CSS and make changes as long as there is something there, chances are I can find anything on a site and make changes.
    I also do pretty professional work wit visuals and photoshop, replacing graphic elements and stuff.

    Game Design is WAY over my head. But its been a dream of mine since a child. Im sort of a visionary, and not to sound like I’m boasting but If only i had the skill and knowledge to make games, oh goodness there would be so many.

    Ill admit, i never thought i would know as much as i do now with CSS and web design.
    Considering this, what would you say to someone like me, who has absolutely NO experience in game design? who is considering finally stepping into the water after 14years? (i would be learning myself without school)

    My first vision is to create a 2D Platform Shooter of METAL GEAR SOLID, with HIgh res 8-bit visuals.
    I wanted to create little Metal gear chibi characters to run around all cute looking, somewhat of a quirky humor but serious shooter approach.
    My aim is to make it a fun substitute for the ONLINE portion of metal gear that is closing down june 12 2012.

    My approach is to create more of a stable 2D shooter, I want the character to actually be held to the ground and take physical looking steps, a much more solid. polished version of a Soldat type game, with brighter, 8-bit art themed to metal gear solid maps.
    and of corse I would want it to be free. (not many people play metal gear online anyway)

    I have no idea how to do this,
    but what do you recommend for me as far as user help (forum support sites)
    Engines, or programs to use?
    Also, would i have an easier time working off someone else’s code? I have a hard time understanding if there isn’t something in place i can see to swap out with my own once i understand how it works.

    I simply want to make a game with a basic engine feel as soldat and the one you have here, but i don’t want the characters to be flying,jumping all over the place as if they are running on ice.

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