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Post your SVN commits to Twitter

There are a couple of SVN-to-Twitter applications out there, which tweets your SVN commit message to your followers, but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for: a simple Python-based version that uses the latest (and required for the past few months) security and didn’t use any heavy dependancies.

So, I spent an afternoon and made my own, as well as learned about OAuth (Open Authentication), which seems to be the “cool new” authentication system for 3rd party application developers. It has attached some pretty big names: Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and (of course) Twitter uses OAuth in some of their online services and APIs for security.

Anyways, I made my own SVN-to-Twitter package: it includes a single python file for the main interface, with command line options (documented in the top of the file) as well as an updated “” file which requests the user’s permission to allow this application to connect with Twitter.

Don’t think I wrote everything from scratch – the “” file uses a good starting source here (Author: David Busby), which really helped me understand how OAuth works in the first place.

Grab the zip package here!

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