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Introducing Core S2 Software Solutions

I would like to welcome you to our new site for Core S2 Software Solutions. The goal of this site is to document our work, as well as create a portfolio of past work, provide customer support, and create a public blog of our development process.

Who, what, when, where, why? Let us get this going as fast as possible!

Who: Currently Jeremy Bridon is the main developer for most Core S2 products. He has worked on a range of projects, from being the president and lead developer of the Pennsylvania State University Robotics Club, as well as the main programmer for an educational game on human health named Tx Client, and more. You can find more of his past work on his old personal blog. Jeremy is currently developing code for the iPhone / iPod Touch series of devices. Casually, other developers contribute small patches of code here and there for Core S2 Software Solutions.

What: We are a software solutions company, that focuses on mobile and interactive media applications. Core S2 is currently focused on releasing several products, mostly for the iPhone / iPod Touch. Our goal is to create high-quality mobile and interactive media applications.

When: Several ideas for current products originate from a group programming project at the Pennsylvania State University.

Where: Our main developer currently resided in the Seattle, Washington area of the United States. Other contributing developers reside all over the work, but mostly from the State College, Pennsylvania area.

Why: Why does anyone work for themselves? To do something they are extremely ”passionate” about. Jeremy has created this site to document his past work, as well as create new software for the mobile and media market. There also exists several open-source projects hosted on this site to foster a better environment for these projects.

Our goal is to bring to you the best in mobile and interactive media applications. The goal of this blog is to keep the developer community aware of ongoing projects, and keep customers aware of updates and new product releases.

Please note: A selection of well received articles from Jeremy’s personal blog and other sites will be posted here to build up content. Any article published before July 2010 is most likely from these older sites.

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