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Latest Dwarfcraft (Rhônes) gameplay video

In this update of Dwarfcraft (soon to be renamed to Rhônes), there has been big changes to the GUI (Graphical User Interface), the world rendering mechanism, and the designation / dwarf AI system.:

As mentioned in the previous video uploaded today, the latest build of the code now includes large world generation done through chunks. A world is define by a width, length, and height of cubes, but internally there are large “chunks” of cubes that are stored together in memory so that the graphics card only renders chunks that should be shown on-screen while hides others off-screen. This is all done to help with performance. Some chunks that have yet to be seen or haven’t been seen in a while, are paged out of the graphics card to save space for active / recent geometry:

Just testing new art assets and seeing different styles for the game’s rendering:

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