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Glui2 (official website & documentation here), OpenGL User Interface Library, is a light-weight feature-rich stand-alone Graphical User Interface (GUI) for OpenGL and GLUT applications. Written in C++, it is clean, easy to maintain, well documented, and supports Linux, Windows, and OSX. (Only 9k lines of code!)

Glui2, based on the original GLUI library by Paul Rademacher, is a full re-write based on a minimalistic design. This project uses similar methods and programing interface, but now includes GUI theming, easier integration, better performance, easier extensions, full documentation, and a clean implementation in portable C++. Checkout what the project looks like through our screenshots page!

Why use Glui2 versus all the other hundreds of GUI libraries? One big advantage is that it has a very small code base (9KLOC) and interfacing footprint. Unlike wxWidgest or all the other libraries, my code is ready to go and easy to use. Nothing complex, no annoying overhead, or bulky boilerplate, etc. It is true that Glui2 isn’t as feature-rich as other libraries, but it is ready to go out of the box and extensible!

This library is designed to be used for scientific applications, academic usage, interactive media applications, etc. Also, check out the video I just recorded showing the visual outputs:

Best part: this software is free & open source (meaning both free to use, modify, and redistribute)! I’ll be releasing version 1.0 in a week as well as creating a few more examples. Don’t forget the official website to grab the releases and documentation!

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