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Automated Testing Platform for Quality Control on Windows Phone 7 Devices

Back in summer 2010 during an internship for aXelerate Solutions, inc. I designed, implemented, and demonstrated a method of testing Windows Phone 7 devices using a standard comercial robotic arm. Our goal was to automate quality control testing procedures to simplify the process, make it both cheaper but more consistent, as well as test several devices in parallel. In final results were very interesting as I learned an incredible amount from this project alone as well as demonstrated the ability that robotic systems can be used for consumer products quality control. Also, working at Microsoft with their engineers was a great first-hand experience that showed me how serious QC is taken for new products.

Along with this video, I’ll include the initial reports I wrote, design documents, and user manual. I will keep the code closed source, but will be more than happy to talk to anyone who is interested about it. There is nothing sensitive in these documents, just general reports on how I was able to achieve the goal I set out for and some general discusion of computer visions algorithms I had to combine.

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